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When it rains it pours for this Phillies team

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2014-07-21 06:46
I don't think it is a stretch to say this is not the way the Phillies wanted to start the second half.

Take away Cole Hamels' gem Saturday night in which he was almost unhittable, and the Phils went 0-for-Atlanta.

Yesterday things got ugly as the Braves battered Kyle Kendrick en route to an 8-2 win. And is there anything quite as frustrating as a one hour, 39 minute rain delay when you getting your behind kicked?

Kendrock was dreadful again. He went 5 innings, giving up 6 runs on 5 hits, in the process raising his ERA to 4.87 as he collected his 10th loss of the season. He also walked two and hit two other batters.

As Ruben Amaro Jr. decides which pieces he might want to try to move as the trade deadline looms in two weeks, you have to think Hamels is now off that list, unless somebody just overwhelms the Phils with an offer.

One name that might be on that list gets back on the hill tonight. Cliff Lee will be the starter as the Phils kick off a home stand against the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park.

It would be nice if Lee used these next couple of starts to show people he's fully recovered from the elbow strain that put him on the shelf. The problem is he got roughed up in his last rehab start in Clearwater.

The Phillies are 12 games under .500 at 43-55, 11 games out of first place in the NL East.

The only player they have who would command a king's ransom is Hamels, and he's probably the one player they should not move.

Amaro's task is not an easy one. He has an aging core of players who are starting to look every bit their age, and a young crew who have not played up to expectations. The minors? Forget about it, there's little help there.

Good thing the Eagles start camp later this week.
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The Week Ahead: Your Best Bets in Lower Merion

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2014-07-21 05:00
Some events for this week that have been shared on Patch.
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Quick action saves child from drowning in Haverford

Main Line Times - Sun, 2014-07-20 20:58
Sometimes it takes a lot of heroes to save one life.
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Zombies, Crying Robber, Captured Hearts, Hidden Bodies, Target Firing, Cop Delivers Own Baby, and Man Arrested For Stabbing Watermelon: Week in Review

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2014-07-20 18:35
Plus, foul-mouthed dad arrested for cursing in restaurant and more in our Week in Review from around Patch's network of more than 900 sites.
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Pa. Congressional Aide Pleads Not Guilty to Gun Charge

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2014-07-20 16:45
Ryan Shucard is a press secretary for U.S. Rep. Tom Marino (R-10th).
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Post Your Yard Sale for Free and Patch Will Send Shoppers Your Way

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2014-07-20 10:25
Planning a yard or garage sale sometime this week? Let Patch readers know!
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Patch Funnies

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2014-07-20 10:07
Patch Funnies are a weekly feature by Patch staffer Lexi Hart.
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Collectable Books, Drum Set, Vintage Phonograph: For Sale on Patch

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2014-07-20 10:05
One neighbor's trash is another one's treasure.
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Infuriating Republicans Authorize More Pennsylvania Debt

The Liberty Blog - Sun, 2014-07-20 07:00

 The debt burden affects everyone in Pennsylvania, directly and indirectly, although it is the Forgotten Taxpayer who works, saves and invests who pays. More government debt means less productive, job creating growth


Bbillions of Borrowing for Roads and Highways over and above the $7.3 to $7.5 Bbillion over 5 years from Act 89 of 2013?

Act 127 of 2014 and Act 129 of 2014 seems to leverage Act 89 of 2014 to use gas and fuel taxes and fees for more capital project borrowing.

Act 127 of 2014 authorizes $6,515,565,000 Road and Bridge Debt

Act 129 of 2014 authorizes $19,154,285,000 Road and Bridge Debt


Act 127 of 2014 HB 2244 “A Supplement to the act of December 8, 1982 known as the Highway-Railroad and Highway Bridge Capital Budget Act for 1982-1983, itemizing additional State and local bridge projects.“

Fiscal Note Act 127 of 2014 Senate Appropriations Committee: $6,515,565,000 Road and Bridge Debt Authorized

House vote Act 127 of 2014 2 July 200 YEA to authorize more debt 2 NAY and 1 LVE


Act 129 of 2014 SB 1344 “ An Act providing for the highway capital budget project itemization for the fiscal year 2014-2015 to be financed from current revenue or by the incurring of debt “

 Fiscal Note Act 129 of 2014  House Committee on Appropriations: $19,154,285,000 Road and Bridge Debt Authorized

House vote Act 129 of 2014 2 July 202 YEA to authorize more debt 1 LVE


Does this mean than money from the Gas and Fuel Tax, Act 89 of 2013 which, if I read the Fiscal Note from the House Committee on Appropriations taxes and spends $7,307,000,000 to $7,584,000,000 over five years. See page 9 chart of Fiscal NoteAct89 of 2013  of the House Committee on Appropriations

The money raised by Act 89 of 2013 gas and fuel tax can be used to borrow money and, in effect, leverage gas and fuel taxes to generate more spending and debt. Debt is deferred taxation so that, in effect, Act 89 of 2013 will cost even more than the Act 89 of 2013 would indicate. Do I understand this all correctly?

Further, given the $7.3 to $7.5 Bbillion raised by Act 89 of 2013 gas and fuel tax was to fix the crumbling roads and bridges falling down, why is Capital spending and capital borrowing needed?


Separately:   Capital Budget RACP authorizing debt for Capital Projects


If the full authorization of $1,295,000,000 was incurred and bonds were sold at an interest rate of 3,25% the total estimated debt service would be $1,781,373,000 or $89,069,000 each year for twenty years

Act 128 of 2014 HB 2355  Fiscal Note Act 128 of2014  Committee on Appropriations $1,781, 373,000,000 Debt Authorized

“Act providing for the capital budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015; itemizing redevelopment assistance capital projects to be constructed or acquired or assisted by the Department of Community and Economic Development, together with their estimated financial costs; authorizing the incurring of debt without the approval of the electors for the purpose of financing the projects to be constructed, acquired or assisted by the Department of Community and Economic Development; and making appropriations.”

House Vote Act 128 of 2014  2 July 2014  172 voted YEA to authorize more debt; 27 voted NAY to authorizing  and 2 were LVE

9 Democrats voted NAY  18 Republicans  voted NAY

 For list of Capital Budget submissions and grants, see Governor’s Department of Budget Office Redeve Redevelopment Assistance Capital Budget

Tax revenues are a reliable indicator of real world commercial activity

Gambling revenues decline resulting in lower revenue for the state operated programs

Labor market participation falls in Pennsylvania

The state’s unemployment rate was unchanged last month as more people dropped out of the labor force.

The jobless rate was 5.6 percent in June, the same as in May, and employers added a meager 1,800 jobs, according to the Department of Labor & Industry’s monthly labor market report on Friday.

The number of Pennsylvanians who reported they were unemployed fell by a seasonally adjusted 6,000 to 357,000, the report showed. But the civilian labor force declined by 28,000 people to 6,403,000

Commonwealth Foundation 15 May 2014 Pennsylvania State Budget

Rising Debt and Tax Burden

  • From 2002 to 2013, Pennsylvania state debt—including debt held by state agencies—more than doubled, from $23.7 billion to $50.4 billion.
    • Today, Pennsylvanians owe $128.6 billion in combined state and local government debt, or a little more than $10,000 for every man, woman, and child.

Pennsylvania State & Local Government Debt


Debt Outstanding

Per Person

Total State






   State Agencies & Authorities



Total Local



   School Districts









Sources: Governor’s Executive Budget (http://www.budget.state.pa.us) December 2013 data; PA Dept of Education (http://www.pde.state.pa.us) June 2012 data; U.S. Census Bureau (http://www.census.gov/govs/www/estimate.html) 2013 data
  • Pennsylvania has the 10th highest state and local tax burden in the nation, up from 24th in 1991, according to the Tax Foundation.


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2014 the 100th anniversary of home air conditioning.

The Liberty Blog - Sun, 2014-07-20 06:45

Charles Gilbert Gates was the first American to have air conditioning installed in his private residence.

Air Conditioning was invented by Willis Havilland Carrier, a secular saint in my view.


  Charles Gilbert Gates

 The first US air conditioned residence

  Willis Haviland Carrier, engineer and innovator


Cui bono? Who benefits from the intiative and invention and imagination and innovation of these people? We do.






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Kathleen Kane’s Incompetence v. Republican Fecklessness 2016

The Liberty Blog - Sun, 2014-07-20 06:35

 It appears that Kathleen Kane is in over her head. Her credentials were thin to begin with but she wasn’t tied to Corbett the way that Dave Freed was. Kathleen Kane may well be unqualified to be AG.

 Let us see what happens to the Turnpike “pay to play” case  and to the Spanier, Schultz and Curly trial. If she loses either or both, it will be more evidence of her incompetence.


 The good news for Kathleen Kane is that the feckless Republicans do not have any candidate even remotely qualified to challenge Kathleen Kane. 

 In 2012 Kathleen Kane dominated Dave Freed who could not win the Republican base vote. Dave Freed received substantially fewer votes than either of the other two state wide candidates for Auditor General John Maher or Treasurer Diana Irey  Vaughan. The base rejected Corbett’s choice. If Corbett loses, as is likely, in November, then Rs may have a chance to field a credible and competent candidate.

I am pessimistic. 

READ MORE PennLive Charles Thompson 14 July 2014


StateWide  http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/Default.aspx?EID=27&ESTID=2&CID=0&OID=5&CDID=0&PID=0&DISTID=0&IsSpecial=0&PageRefID=1


Candidate Votes Percentage KANE, KATHLEEN G (DEM) 3,125,557 56.14 % FREED, DAVID J (REP) 2,313,506 41.56 % ROGERS, MARAKAY J (LIB) 128,140 2.30 %


Auditor General




Candidate Votes Percentage DEPASQUALE, EUGENE A (DEM) 2,729,565 49.73 % MAHER, JOHN (REP) 2,548,767 46.43 % SUMMERS, BETSY ELIZABETH (LIB) 210,876 3.84 %



State Treasurer




Candidate Votes Percentage MCCORD, ROBERT M (DEM) 2,872,344 52.53 % VAUGHAN, DIANA IREY (REP) 2,405,654 43.99 % FRYMAN, PATRICIA M (LIB) 190,406 3.48 %


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Personnel is Policy: Tom Corbett, Acting Sec. of ED Dumaresq and the PSEA

The Liberty Blog - Sun, 2014-07-20 06:00

Corbett’s cordial relationship with teachers’ unions tells us why K-12 unionized, government bureaucracy cost so much. (Hat tip to Pennsylvanians for Union Reform  and Jim Panyard  for this  27 August  2013 report.

The PSEA has been the most well-financed and very effective opposition to pension finance reform.

Personnel is Policy: PSEA’s person is Pennsylvania Secretary of Education.          

“Dumaresq, 66, left PSEA in 2008 after 12 years with the teacher union. During her last five years with PSEA, she grossed just under $1 million ($957,333), according to federal records.

She also has served as president of the Pennsylvania Association of  School Administrators (PASA) and had served as Executive Deputy Secretary of the Education Department under both Tomalis and Harner.

In addition to her bona fide liberal credentials as head of the PSEA and PASA, Dumaresq has received recognition awards from the Education Policy and Leadership Centerthe American Association of University Women, and the Keystone Research Center, a left-wing think tank supported by PSEA and the AFL-CIO.” READ MORE Mediatrackers 13 August 2013

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The Five Year Cost of Act 89 of 2013 — What Republicans Imposed

The Liberty Blog - Sun, 2014-07-20 06:00

The cost of the Republicans’ Act 89 of 2013 is tax of $7,307,000,000 is $7,584,000,000 on motorists and truckers in Pennsylvania. See page 9 chart of Fiscal Note of the House Committee on Appropriations




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#PABudget: Pension Payments and Tom Wolf’s First Term

Keystone Politics - Sun, 2014-07-20 01:46
Bram Reichbaum is right that Tom Wolf is probably going to have to do…something about pensions. It’s not worth talking about on the campaign trail, but it is time to start tuning in to...
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flowers from the garden

Chester County Ramblings - Sat, 2014-07-19 15:37

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Corpse Slips Out of Van, $18.3M of Heroin Seized, Meet a Teen Rubik's Cube Wizard

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sat, 2014-07-19 08:32
A look at the week's top news throughout Patch sites in Pennsylvania.
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50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World? Pa. Has 3 of Them

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sat, 2014-07-19 07:45
Claiming the No. 1 spot was Real Madrid, worth an estimated $3.44 billion.
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Getaway driver who crashed in Lower Merion is found guilty

Main Line Times - Sat, 2014-07-19 07:22
NORRISTOWN – A Philadelphia man showed no visible reaction as a jury determined he was an accomplice in the robbery of more than $11,000 from a Lower Pottsgrove bank.
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Sobbing, alleged bank robbery getaway driver describes police chase which ended at Lower Merion residence

Main Line Times - Sat, 2014-07-19 07:20
NORRISTOWN – Sobbing uncontrollably at times, a Philadelphia man told a jury he unwittingly was duped into being the getaway driver for others allegedly involved in the armed holdup of a Lower Pottsgrove bank.
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70 MPH Speed Limits Coming for Part of Pa. Turnpike

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sat, 2014-07-19 07:15
The new speed limits will go into effect on July 23.
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