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Missing Delco Teen Has Been Located: Police

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2016-05-19 13:51
A Delaware County teen missing since Saturday has been located and is home safe with her family, police say.
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Merion Mercy Students Named 'Distinguished Scholars'

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2016-05-19 12:37
They will be honored at an upcoming ceremony in Philadelphia. Congratulations!
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Counterfeit $100 Bills Passed At Lancaster Ave Acme: Cops

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2016-05-19 10:59
A Philly man and Colombian national was arrested for passing counterfeit $100 bills at the Tredyffrin Acme, according to police.
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Plan for 7 homes on 3-acre Bala Avenue site moves forward; Horace Trumbauer mansion to be preserved

Main Line Times - Thu, 2016-05-19 10:55
BALA CYNWYD >> A tentative sketch plan for an eight-lot subdivision on Bala Avenue was approved Wednesday night. Under the plan discussed at a Building and Planning Committee meeting May 11, and then approved by the Board of Commissioners May 18, the 3-acre property at 306 Bala Ave. will contain seven new homes on 2 acres. One acre will surround the existing historic manor house designed in the 1890s by famed Philadelphia architect Horace Trumbauer.
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Montco Man, Children's Author, Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison: U.S. Attorney

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2016-05-19 09:17
The local man and children's author admitted to placing a hidden camera in a young girl's bathroom, recording her undressing for four years.
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Fritz Lumber, the oldest place of business in Berwyn, is closing its doors after 150+ years!

Sadly, Fritz Lumber, the oldest place of business in Berwyn is closing its doors after a century and a half of service to the community and is residents. The history of the William H. Fritz Lumber Company began in 1863, when Abraham Lincoln was in office. Henry Fritz and his soon-to-be wife Mary Lobb decided […]
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Holding the line in Upper Darby

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2016-05-19 06:44
It's got to be one of the most thankless, unappreciated jobs out there.

Why would anyone run for their local school board.

You never hear about these people when things are going smooth. The public stays away in droves from their meetings - until they start talking about raising taxes, or cutting jobs or course offerings.

Then, suddenly, they find themselves in the crosshairs.

Especially these days in Pennsylvania, where our governor and Legislature do not exactly see eye-to-eye on spending and budget negotiations drag on for months, local school board members are left hanging in the wind, pretty much to fend for themselves when it comes to their budget.

All of which makes what happened this week in the Upper Darby School District all that much more important.

That's why it landed on our front page this morning.

Upper Darby schools are facing a $6 million shortfall. But they're not raising taxes.

Instead, they will simply tighten their belts, tapping into their fund balance as they await word from Harrisburg on much much state aid they can expect.

Good for them.

You can read about it here.
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Fast Eddie shoots from the lip - & hits himself in the foot

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2016-05-19 06:32
Incredibly dumb. Insensitive. Selfish."

Uh-oh, Ed Rendell is in the news again.

The former mayor and governor was working overtime yesterday to extract his foot from his mouth after some less than amusing musings on Donald Trump's relationships with women.

Speaking with the Washington Post, Fast Eddie said the reality TV star turned leader of the Republican Party will have trouble with women voters, in particular in the Philadelphia suburbs, because of his comments about women.

Then he managed to out-Trump The Donald.

"Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure," Rendell said of Trump's often belittling, combative comments about women. "For every one, he'll lose one and a half, two Republican women."

Rendell suggested Trump's comments will come back to haunt him at the polls.

"There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women," the former guv quipped. "People take that stuff personally." Yes, they do, Mr. Mayor.

Rendell was quick to apologize after the comments went viral yesterday.

He fell on his sword - or maybe his tongue - lamenting his comments as "incredibly dumb and selfish."

Rendell was one of the key Democratic power brokers who helped lift Katie McGinty to the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Pat Toomey.

And he's a Hillary Clinton booster.

It's not the first time Rendell's has made headlines with his mouth. He's known for saying what's on his mind.

This time, while shooting from the lip, he managed to shoot himself in the foot.
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For a few hours, Phils were in first place

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2016-05-19 06:06
For a few hours yesterday, something happened in Philly that has not happened since 2011.

No, the Sixers did not win again. You should be satisfied with getting the No. 1 pick in the draft.

But those guys in pinstripes across the street? They look more and more like they are for real.

With yesterday's 4-2 win over the Marlins, the Phils actually climbed a few percentage points ahead of the Mets to take first place in National League East. It was the first time since 2011 that the Phils have sat atop the division.

No, it didn't last long. The Nats beat the Mets last night to inch back into first. They now have a winning percentage of .590 at 23-16. The Phils are right on their tails at .585, sporting the most unlikely record in sports at 24-17. As it is the Phillies are in second place, ahead of the Mets.

No one saw this coming.

Most people had the Phils pegged as being one of the worst teams in baseball.

Not exactly.

They continue to ride good pitching and timely hitting to efficient wins.

This is not Murderers Row. They don't scare anyone at the plate. Their best hitter, Maikel Franco, has yet to really warm up. But as long as they get the kind of dynamic starting pitching and off-the-charts bullpen work they've been getting, they aren't going to go away.

Yesterday it was Jeremy Hellickson's turn again. He allowed two early runs, then sailed through the sixth inning. He allowed just five hits and at one point retired 11 in a row. That's when he turned things over to the Phils' trusty bullpen. Bang!

David Hernandez, Hector Neris and Jeanmar Gomez took turns blowing away the Braves in the 7th, 8th and 9th. Gomez picked up his 16th save in 17 tries.

Tyler Goeddel provided some timely hitting, going 3-for-4 with a home run. After a rough start, he's hitting over .300 in the last few weeks.

How long can it last. Well, take a look at the schedule. After a day off today, the Phils will entertain the cellar-dwelling Braves for three, followed by the struggling Detroit Tigers, who are two games under .500. And all six games are at Citizens Bank Park. First-place Phils?

We might need to get used to it.
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The Daily Numbers for Thursday, May 19

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2016-05-19 03:28
The Daily Numbers: 6.5 million dollar shortfall in the Upper Darby School District.

0 tax hike.

3,521 dollar tax bill for average home assessed at $100,000 in the township.

30 million dollar transformation slated for Terminal B at Philly International Airport.

8 new restaurants that will greet travelers.

23 people facing charges in a check fraud probe in Upper Darby.

16, age of Breanna Watson, who remains subject of search in Clifton Heights. She’s been missing since Saturday.

12 million dollars for traffic signal upgrades coming to Delco.

2 Delco natives who will be ordained as priests this weekend.

1963 Bonner grad William Atkinson, who will be focus of an assembly and presentation at the school today. The Rev. William Atkinson is being pushed for sainthood.

88 years of service among 3 recent retirees from the Upper Chichester Police Department.

$1 million dollar lottery ticket sold in Marcus Hook that has yet to be claimed.

20 years in federal prison for a Montco man convicted of taping kids while they were using the bathroom.

66 people aboard an EgyptAir flight heading from Paris to Cairo that vanished this morning. It is believed to have crashed.

0.10 or higher blood alcohol content for a 1st time DUI offender that would mandate an ignition interlock device, under new state law that Gov. Tom Wolf said he will sign.

4-2 win for the Phils over the Marlins yesterday.

.585 winning percentage for Phils.

.590 mark for the Nats.

24-17 record now for Phils.

24-13 since starting out 0-4.

6 strong innings for starter Jeremy Hellickson, who gave up 2 runs on 5 hits.

19 in a row he retired at one point.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

For a couple of hours after their win yesterday, the Phils actually were in 1st place. The Nats edged past them with a win over the Mets.

I Don’t Get It: Ed Rendell. Really, gov?

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the Upper Darby School Board, which will hold the line on taxes despite facing a $6.5 million shortfall.

Quote Box: “There are probably more ugly women in American than attractive women.”

- Ed Rendell.
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linden hall and the developer(s)

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2016-05-18 17:12

Nightmare traffic. Pretty much daily.  
Does anyone see any actual restoration of Linden Hall? 


Supposedly the developer has an “obligation” to restore the old historic structure, as I presume that was part of the application and conditions of approval, right? But does the developer have to restore the actual Linden Hall?

  I still assert no, because there is nothing in East Whiteland that would make the developer do the restoration, you only have their word. And well, can it be said developers can promise a lot of things at times when they are trying to get projects approved?

All I see is demolition by neglect, don’t you? They haven’t even mothballed the historic structure in an effort to preserve it during construction of the butt ugly townhouses. And quite frankly I am still not sure that the foundations on one side are properly filled in. There is only so long that foundation walls that are a couple of centuries old are going to survive if they are just dug out around and exposed without anything to ensure their survival.

That historic structure which should have been protected years ago is totally at risk. The property is only seen by developers as the money the plastic (and fairly expensive) townhouses will generate. To a municipality, new development = some ratables but that is never as much as you think it will be and a one off, correct?


What do residents get out of the whole proposition? In my opinion, not much. 
None of us move to Chester County for plastic mushroom Tyvek wrapped housing, we move for the beauty , history, and the open space. The farmland, a better way of life. But how is our life better if acre by acre Chester County is been gobbled up by developments?

Has anyone seen how close that one development is to St. Peter’s in the Great Valley? Does anyone care?

Developers don’t care about what makes life special to those of us who live here, if they cared about cornfields and old houses and forests and fields they wouldn’t buy so many and plow them under for plastic mushroom Tyvek wrapped townhouses and McMansions. 

Traffic is absolutely ridiculous on Route 30 anywhere near Route 352 and Linden Hall. 

And today it was downright dangerous because there were so many frustrated drivers who were just throwing themselves into reverse and doing U-turns in the oncoming lanes of traffic to escape the traffic. Headed west on Route 30 (Lancaster Ave.) you can’t make a left turn onto 352 at this point. That also makes for a lot of confusion and great inconvenience to motorists.

It is bad enough that most of this new development looks cheap and all crammed in, but what’s even worse is everyone has to put up with the pain of the development occurring.

And what will all this development that falls within the Great Valley School District do? How long before the school district is completely over crowded? Does the school district even have any contingency plans or projections for this? Because it’s not like all this development is for empty-nesters.

I had to go through this intersection of Route 352 and 30 twice today. Each time I spend a minimum of 35 minutes trying to just get through a very short distance. As residents of Chester County, our time is worth something. It would behoove East Whiteland to not only sit on the developer about the restoration of Linden Hall actually occurring instead of just the abuse to the structure, but actually sitting on them so people can get through the darn intersection and that stretch of road.

Linden Hall just sits there and looks more sad by the day. Traffic just gets worse by the day.


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Riverbend: New community pavilion unveiled

Main Line Times - Wed, 2016-05-18 16:44
GLADWYNE >> An invasive vine that was tied between two poles was used Tuesday evening as the ceremonial ribbon to be cut for the new community pavilion at Gladwyne’s Riverbend Environmental Education Center.
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'Ugly' Women Will Defeat Trump, Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell Says

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 15:43
The comments by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell are causing an internet stir.
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Uber and SPCA Team Up To Offer 'Puppy Play Dates' In Philly Area

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 15:40
Workers near Conshohocken and around the Philadelphia area will be able to book 15 minute "dates" with puppies during the day.
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Lower Merion Schools Pass Transgender Policy: Report

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 15:28
The Lower Merion School District became just the fourth school in Pennsylvania to pass a progressive policy for transgender students.
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When Is Graduation At Lower Merion High School?

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 12:23
The big day for Lower Merion seniors is rapidly approaching.
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Norristown Citgo Robbed At Gunpoint, Police Seek Public's Help

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 11:36
Police in Norristown are asking for the public's help in identifying this armed robbery suspect. Do you recognize him?
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Wynnewood School Raises $10K for Alex's Lemonade Stand

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-05-18 10:17
Friends Central Aquatics raised money for every lap of the pool one of the students swam.
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Narberth Ambulance crew marks EMS week in communities

Main Line Times - Wed, 2016-05-18 09:59
BRYN MAWR >> Crews from Narberth Ambulance took time out between calls this week to host a few community events geared toward kids and the communities the company serves as part of celebrating Emergency Medical Services Week.
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Smile! You're on Candid Camera

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2016-05-18 06:51
Here's something that never ceases to amaze me: Do you ever stop to think about how much of our lives is now being recorded on videotape.

Every time we walk into a store, or up to an ATM. Every time we drive through a tool booth.

That's one of the reasons I find it hard to believe some of the things people do - apparently unaware that their actions are being captured on video.

Here's a clue to some of our challenged citizenry: Wise up. When you walk into Wawa or very likely your neighborhood convenience store, Smile! You're on candid camera.

I kind of doubt the guy was thinking about that when he whipped out his cell phone and repeatedly snapped a few pictures up the skirt of the woman in front of him at a pretzel shop on 69th Street.

He's now being sought by police.

Some days you just have to shake your head.
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