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PA House Bill 809 would end Tredyffrin’s right to regulate student housing

PA House Bill 809 sponsored by State Rep Susan Helm of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties will change college rental restrictions if passed. Helm’s proposed legislation claims that it is discriminatory for municipalities to single out students with rental regulations and would short-circuit any municipal ordinance that prohibits the occupation of a dwelling unity by students […]
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Papal Visit? There's An App For That

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2015-07-22 16:03
A new app will allow people to use their smartphones as a guide to various events surrounding Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia.
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61-Year-Old Main Line Woman Charged With Selling Heroin: Report

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2015-07-22 15:51
Tredyffrin police have arrested a 61-year-old woman for selling heroin.
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Tredyffrin police bust alleged Main Line heroin dealer

Main Line Times - Wed, 2015-07-22 14:30
A 61-yera-old Wayne woman has been arrested after a four-month investigation into the alleged sales of suspected heroin, police said Wednesday.
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One Year After Dresser Crushes West Chester Child, IKEA Offers Free Repair Kit

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2015-07-22 13:39
Two months after a West Chester mother sued IKEA, blaming the company for the death of her 2-year-old son, the chain offers a fix.
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Main Line SuperFresh stores to rebrand as ACME in wake of A&P bankruptcy

Main Line Times - Wed, 2015-07-22 13:29
The signs out front at some local SuperFresh stores may soon be changing, but the new name they carry could be a familiar one.
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Study Names Wawa America's Favorite Convenience Store

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2015-07-22 13:06
In their annual study, Market Force Information asked consumers where they prefer to fuel up.
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Which Swear Words Are Most Popular In Pennsylvania?

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2015-07-22 11:47
According to one British linguist, people in Southeast Pa. enjoy using a wide variety of swear words.
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The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, July 22

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2015-07-22 07:32
The Daily Numbers: 10 minutes and 3 towns, how long police chased a suspect who was eventually shot on Route 291 near the Boeing plant in Ridley yesterday.

20 years, how long a United Artists movie theater was located on 69th Street in Upper Darby. This week a new dine-in movie house will open at that spot, continuing the business boom on the Upper Darby business corridor.

6 million dollar project to renovate the site, which will feature 900 reclining seats.

6-12 years in prison for Philly man in sexual assault on young girl.

44.4 million dollars, 5-year deal between Delaware County and CEC to run the county prison back in 2012.

4 of August, when Concord Township now says it will rule on Wawa’s request to sell beer at 1 location.

2 six-packs at a time, what you will be able to purchase to go with your Shorti.

54,000 customers who visited SEPTA site minutes after it went online to sell special passes for regional rail lines for 2 days of papal visit in September. It crashed and yesterday SEPTA said it is still working on a fix. Sales will not resume this week.

4 hours of talks yesterday between Gov. Tom Wolf and GOP leaders in the Pa. budget standoff. No deal yet.

6 strong innings for young Phillies stud pitcher Aaron Nola in his MLB debut.

1 run on 5 hits, to go with 6 strikeouts and 1 walk.

1-0 loss. Nola gave up homer to opposing pitcher Nathan Karns, which is all the Rays needed.

28,703 fans at Citizens Bank Park for Nola’s debut.

8,500 tickets sold since Friday, when team announced Nola would be on the hill.

1-1 tie for Union with Red Bulls in U.S. Open Cup play, then 4-3 Union win on penalty kicks. .

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Welcome Aaron Nola. Phillies fans desperately needed a little hope. The rookie provided that with a strong outing in his debut last night.

I Don’t Get It: Base-running blunders might have contributed to Phils being shut out.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Delco icon, named America’s No. 1 convenience store in a survey.

Quote Box: “It went quick.”

- Chester top cop Joe Bail, after chase and shooting of suspect on Route 291.
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Wawa's No. 1, but not in beer sales, at least not yet

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2015-07-22 06:53
You can stick a cork in those plans to snag a cold six-pack at that Wawa in Concord Township.

At least for a few weeks.

Township officials yesterday afternoon announced that last night's expected ruling on the convenience store's application to sell beer at their store on Naamans Creek Road was on hold until Aug. 4.

No reason was given for the delay.

The move would be a first for the Delco giant, which has not as yet joined the stampede of many grocery stores to get in on beer sales in Pa. Years ago Wawa actually did sell beer at a store near the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philly, but that hit the skids when they ran into trouble with sales to underage kids.

They also sell suds at stores in Virginia in Florida, but have not yet dipped their toe back into the market here in Pa.

Like supermarket sales, Wawa would face some limits. Sales would be restricted to a separate part of the store, and customers would be limited to buying two six-packs at a time.

For now, Wawa says this is being proposed only for this store, but it's not hard to see it spread quickly if it turns out to be popular with customers.

Raise your hand if you think the ability to run in and grab a cold six on the way home or with your shorti appeals to you? Thought so. In the meantime, the Delco icon did get some good news.

They've been named America's top convenience store in a study of 7,000 consumers at Market Force Information.

They edged out last year's winner, QuikTrip, which is based in Oklahoma, and also their Pennsylvania rival, Sheetz.
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SEPTA's plans go off the tracks

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2015-07-22 06:35

That's probably the easiest way to describe SEPTA's plans to sell those special passes for their regional rail lines on the two days of the visit by Pope Francis in late September.

The transit agency's computers melted down under an avalanche of requests minutes after they went online Monday morning.

Yesterday SEPTA said they would not try again this week, and might even bring in an outside agency to help with the sales. You can get all the details here.

This is a fairly critical element to what should be the spectacular two-day finale to the week of the World Meeting of Families on Sept. 26-27.

Perhaps as many as 2 million people will be trying to get into the city those two days. Driving is being discouraged. SEPTA's rail lines will be jammed. There will be distinct restrictions on when riders can use the system and from a limited number of stations.

You will not be able to board the regional rails without the special $10 tickets.

Monday's events certainly did not engender confidence.

Make no doubt, from a logistical standpoint, this event will tax just about everyone in the region.

We talk about that in our editorial today.

Perhaps patience might be the one thing all of us will have to use.

Starting now.
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Nola now knows how Cole Hamels feels

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2015-07-22 06:14
Aaron Nola, meet Cole Hamels.

The Phillies new phenom was lived up to the hype last night, unfortunately the Phils' bats must have thought it was another ace on the hill.

The Phillies are notorious for giving next to no run support for staff ace Cole Hamels.

Last night it was the 22-year-old Nola's turn.

He dazzled in six strong innings, making only one mistake in scattering 5 hits over 6 innings. He struck out 6 and walked just one. Unfortunately, one of those hits was to the opposing pitcher for the Rays. Nathan Karns went down and golfed a pitch over the fence in left field. That would be all the Rays needed to post a 1-0 win.

It was Karns' first major league hit.

Maybe the most impressive thing about Nola's strong outing was the way he worked out of trouble.

It didn't take long for him to get a feel of big league pressure. The Rays' leadoff hitter stroked a double to start the game, but Nola calmly retired next two batters. He also worked out of trouble in the sixth as well.

There was another number that must be mentioned in connection with Nola's debut.


That's how many people went through the gates at Citizens Bank Park last night. And that's several thousand more than have been routinely showing up this year.

Clearly, fans are looking for a silver lining, a reason for hope, in this for the most part hopeless mess of a season.

Last night Aaron Nola provided that, even if his teammates did not.
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Electric City Electrified by Investment Returns

PA Watercooler - Tue, 2015-07-21 23:19
Wall Street Journal An effort to turn this city into a rival of Hollywood isn’t turning out quite as planned. A decade ago, Lackawanna County’s governing commission invested $500,000 to help the actor Paul Sorvino produce and direct a movie called “The Trouble With Cali” in Scranton, the county seat. The idea was to promote […]
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bishop tube in malvern up for huge residential development – discussion at east whiteland meeting july 22nd

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2015-07-21 20:53

Abandoned Bishop Tube in Frazer PA as found on Abandoned But Not Forgotten Website

My late father always told me that I should check the Saturday papers for news that is meant to escape most and that if someone wants to slip important things past a populous, do it in the dead of summer.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but one of the most notorious toxic waste sites around is being discussed in East Whiteland Township tomorrow, July 22nd – Bishop Tube on Malin Road in Frazer:

July 22, 2015
Workshop – 7:00 p.m.…
Public Meeting – 7:30 p.m.

4.  Malin Road Development – former Bishop Tube Site – Sketch Plan
S. Malin Rd & Route 30 – RRD – Residential Revitalization
District – to permit 264 townhouses

The abandoned Bishop Tube Company of Malin Road in Frazer (East Whiteland) as featured on Abandoned but Not Forgotten website

Ok yes, it is abandoned. I assume these buildings are still there? I have never gone back there. But I remember reading about this site dating back to the 1980s and 1990s.

As a matter of fact and more than a little alarming is the fact that a law suit was filed this past April as in 2015 about Bishop Tube. And it has been closed, empty, abandoned for YEARS now, right?

Of course this never made the news around here did it? Or was it some little tiny mention that evaporated?

Homeowners allege leeching of hazardous chemicals into aquifer under home Monday, Apr 20, 2015 @ 1:27pm by Dan Harkins PennRecord.com

Bradley and Paula Gay Warren filed a lawsuit filed April 19 in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania against: Johnson Matthey Inc.; Bishop Tire Co.; Whittaker Corp.; Christiana Metals Corp.; Central and Western Chester County Industrial Development Authority; Electralloy Corp.; Marcegaglia SPA; Marcegaglia USA Inc.; and Constitution Drive Partners.   According to the lawsuit ….the defendants used and disposed the environment of hazardous chemicals, including trichloroethylene, during the manufacturing of seamless stainless steel and other products.

“As a result of the defendants’ ownership and operations at the Bishop Tube site,” the lawsuit states, “hazardous substances, including TCE, were disposed into the environment, including the Bishop Tube site’s soils and groundwater. Subsurface migration of contaminated groundwater from the Bishop Tube site has and continues to contaminate the aquifer beneath the Bishop Tube site and beneath off-site premises including the plaintiffs’ home.”

In 1980, the lawsuit states, the Bishop Tube site was included in a liability information list by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Warrens seek the court’s assistance in making Bishop Tube’s subsequent owners “prevent any further endangerment and also all costs, including attorney and expert witness fees.”

The case is real and active – click on Bishop Tube et al 2015 litigation

Ok so can they go forward with land development discussions while litigation like this is pending? And read what the article is saying.

Bishop Tube was something I was aware of before I lived out here. They were marked by the EPA in 1980 , and was mentioned in an article in 1992 in the Philadelphia Inquirer when President George Bush (as in the father) was in the area touring tube plants.

Then in 2007 there was an article in The Daily Local

Bishop Tube facility started in 1951, now abandoned

EAST WHITELAND — The Bishop Tube Co., now abandoned, is located on a 13-acre tract off Malin Road south of Business Route 30. It started operations at the site in 1951 manufacturing platinum and other precious metals as well as stainless steel. The plant was classified as a redraw mill that reduced stainless steel tubes to specific diameters.

The plant came to the attention of state environmental regulators in 1972, when high levels of flouride were detected in Little Valley Creek, a stream that flows next to the plant, and was later traced to discharges from the plant. There were two operations at the plant that utilized hazardous chemicals in large quantities in the manufacturing of stainless steel tubing.

One was the pickling operation that used nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and other acids and the other was the degreasing operation that used trichlorethylene (TCE). In the pickling operation, the stainless steel was immersed in large tanks of acid to clean it prior to fabrication. The degreasing was a final step and the finished pipe was immersed in a large vat of TCE, a solvent, to remove grease….

In a 1985 report by a firm hired by Christiana, BCM Inc., one of the earliest reports in the DEP’s files, the company found TCE in groundwater up to 20,120 parts per billion. After the plant was abandoned in 1999 and the state started its own investigation, it found TCE in groundwater at greater than 1,000,000 parts per billion, according to a 2002 Baker Environmental Inc. report.

Trichlorethylene is one of the most pervasive pollutants found in contaminated sites across the country. According to the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

Ok so I found this report online from I think ATSDR:


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Division of Health Assessment and Consultation Atlanta, Georgia 30333

On June 11, 2007, ATSDR received a petition to conduct “public health assessment activities” for the community surrounding the former Bishop Tube manufacturing facility in East Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania…..The 13.7 acre Bishop Tube site (Site) is located on the east side of Malin Road, south of US Route 30, in Frazier, East Whiteland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania….

…..In June 2007, East Whiteland Township petitioned ATSDR requesting that the agency perform a “public health assessment” to gauge the impact the former Bishop Tube manufacturing facility has had on the health of former employees and residents who live in the neighborhood surrounding the facility. ATSDR spoke with a former Bishop Tube employee that worked at the facility as a mill wright and in plant maintenance. He reported experiencing acute TCE toxicity symptoms, including a “drunk feeling” and a tingly feeling on his skin.

This former employee is now being treated for asthma which he never suffered from before. ATSDR did refer the former employee and an additional former employee to the regional Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC) at the University of Pennsylvania for expertise in environmental and occupational health medicine. This former employee also informed ATSDR that (1) many employees from the facility have nueromuscular conditions and cancer, (2) his father worked at the facility and has Parkinson’s disease and respiratory problems, and, (3) hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid fumes were a problem at the site, in addition to asbestos in piping and the poor ventilation at the facility.


So…Ok look but the thing is this – that health report thing says a LOT about Bishop Tube. The site has been targeted as toxic and been investigated a bunch of time since 1972 correct?  A cancer cluster was alleged in March 2007 by the community correct?  Community folks reported 1-2 cancer cases in every household correct? A plume of contaminants from on-site has spread and is in the groundwater and local wells, correct?  A creek flows through there. Traces of the crud have been discovered a mile away, correct? There has been activity to clean up the contaminants at the site, but is it REALLY complete? Until it is complete, crud will continue to move in the plume, correct?

Ok so in 2008 another article was in the local papers – here it is in The Phoenix

Ex-owner agrees to clean up Bishop Tube site


The state Department of Environmental Protection has been pursuing former owners of the now-defunct plant to get them to pay for cleanup of the soil and groundwater at the heavily contaminated site….Johnson Matthey operated at the site in the 1960s and sold the plant in 1969. The company no longer manufactures stainless-steel tubing.

….In the course of stainless-steel tube manufacturing, TCE was used as a degreaser. At the time, it was thought to be harmless, but it leached into the groundwater and soil over the years and contaminated area wells. Everyone in the vicinity has municipal water. One family down from Bishop Tube drank the contaminated well water for a number of years before a filter was installed.

A connection between cancer and exposure to TCE is suspected but not proven, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a federal public health agency.

The current clean water standard for TCE is five parts per billion.

Tests of groundwater at Bishop Tube have found levels of TCE as great at 20,000 parts per billion. The levels of TCE in Little Valley Creek are thought to be between 30 parts per billion and 70 parts per billion…..

Then after that I can’t find much. I found photos of the site mostly on Abandoned But Not Forgotten.    I found them in 2005 litigation involving Action Manufacturing v. Simon Wrecking Co. and listed on a website that lists Superfund Sites. There was an article in 2011 in Patch discussing putting playing fields on the Bishop Tube site

The EPA had a report in 2008 . And then I saw it pop up in a DVPRC Malin Road Extension Feasibility Study in 2010.

Now they did show up in an Uptown Worthington Tax Increment Funding or “TIF” Proposal on East Whiteland’s website from 2008:

TIF equates to what are you going to give a developer in breaks to build:

Tax increment financing, or TIF, is a public financing method that is used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects in many countries, including the United States. Similar or related value capture strategies are used around the world.

So look, I don’t know about you but a sketch plan with this description for THIS site makes me nervous:

 Malin Road Development – former Bishop Tube Site – Sketch Plan
S. Malin Rd & Route 30 – RRD – Residential Revitalization District – to permit 264 townhouses

I have heard long term residents say this site shouldn’t be developed and well, yeah I concur. What the heck does East Whiteland need with another 264 townhouses on top of all the other development coming down the pike? Especially HERE?

And again, if there is active and current litigation involving this site and the heath hazards how is this even progressing right now?

If you live near Bishop Tube, I hope you attend the meeting. Anyone living in East Whiteland should contemplate attending. This is not a site where they can pour concrete on the ground and say all contaminants are capped. It might not mean anything to us in our lifetimes, but as a society of human beings I think we owe it to future residents to voice concern.

As a cancer survivor this is a very real fear: to move into an area with a lot of Super Fund sites that aren’t really all settled and cleaned up.  When is the last time anything was comprehensively tested at Bishop Tube?

Constitution Drive Partners is owner by a GP named CONSTITUTION DRIVE PARTNERS ACQUISITION CORPORATION . This entity of course is in actually part of what? O’Neill Properties? Doesn’t this company have enough empty units to fill at that Royal Worthington in the back of Uptown Worthington with that million dollar view of Route 202?

Pa. Court Says Landowner Can’t Appeal DEP Agreement’s End

Then, in 2011, an independent contractor hired by CDP damaged piping and protective covering on a soil vapor extraction and air sparging system while conducting salvage operations on the site.

According to the opinion, CDP said that DEP had agreed that the repairs could be delayed until DEP was prepared to operate the system or the company intended to start redevelopment work on the site.

But in January, DEP sent the company the letter citing the 2011 damage and accusing the company of breaking the 2005 agreement….The case is Constitution Drive Partners LLC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, case number 2014-019-M, in the Environmental Hearing Board.

For Bishop Tube workers, danger lurked for decades

Second of two parts

EAST WHITELAND — Keith Hartman and Dave Worst have many things in common.

They were both born in the 1950s, two years apart. They both grew up in General Warren Village, the modest, working class subdivision located south of Lancaster Avenue near the intersection of Route 29, and named for the historic General Warren Inne.

Like many of their neighbors in General Warren, Hartman and Worst worked at the nearby Bishop Tube Co.

Most significantly, the two men know of former Bishop employees who suffer from potentially fatal illnesses that they believe may have been caused by their exposure to trichlorethylene (TCE), a suspected carcinogen, during their tenure at the plant….

Hartman and Worst can also run off a list of fellow Bishop Tube workers who either died from cancer or nerve diseases, or currently suffer from them.

“The sad thing is I wish we knew then what we know now,” said Hartman in a recent interview.

Over the past several months, the Daily Local News has examined the story of a former manufacturing plant that has left a legacy of pollution in East Whiteland.

The Bishop Tube Co. was a plant that was abandoned by its owner possibly because of fear over liability for the pollution it created….In 2005, Brian O’Neill of O’Neill Property Group purchased the site for $700,000 through his affiliate, Constitution Drive Partners, and signed an agreement with the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to jointly clean it up. The plan is to keep the buildings and convert it for light industrial use.

Katz seeks to build sports center in Chester County By Susan Weidener and Sandy Bauers INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS

Posted: March 21, 2001

Using public and private financing, a development company owned by Sam Katz, the former Philadelphia mayoral candidate, wants to build a $17 million sports center on a contaminated industrial site along Route 30 in Chester County.

The center, with ice-skating rinks, indoor soccer fields and a wellness center, would be on the former Bishop Tube manufacturing site in Frazer, in East Whiteland Township.

Abandoned two years ago, the 17-acre property – a brownfield, or environmentally contaminated site – is near the Route 202 high-tech corridor….

Katz would set up a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity that would qualify for public money, including low-interest loans or bonds and grants, to clean up the site and build the facility……This is the first brownfield site Katz has proposed developing.

The land would remain in the hands of the Central and Western Chester County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), an affiliate of the Chester County Development Council, a private, nonprofit organization………

East Whiteland is the only township in Chester County with a building moratorium. The 18-month moratorium is set to expire in February 2002. Township officials declined to comment on the Katz project, saying that they had not heard about it nor seen the proposal.

East Whiteland experienced its peak growth in the 1950s. In the last 10 years, census figures show, the population has grown 11 percent, from 8,398 to 9,333.

If the sports facility were built, it probably would draw from an area much wider than the township…..

Robins said planners envisioned a state-of-the art building, designed with “green technology,” incorporating recycled materials, passive heating and other techniques that would “have a minimum impact on the environment.”

“What we like is, one, here’s a site that for the most part, is a scar on the environment. By making it a green building, not only do we correct that imbalance, but we also take it to the positive side. The building starts to give back,” Robins said.

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No Papal Passes To Be Sold This Week: SEPTA

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2015-07-21 17:41
A special website selling Regional Rail passes for the Pope’s visit in September will not reopen this week, SEPTA announced Tuesday.
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Acme To Purchase Wynnewood Superfresh Following A&P Bankruptcy

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2015-07-21 16:39
Acme Markets has announced an agreement to purchase 76 A&P-owned stores across the east coast.
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Bryn Mawr Film Institute Screening Bugs Bunny, Alfred Hitchcock To Round Out July

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2015-07-21 16:04
"North by Northwest," "Strangers on a Train" and a classic animation collection are hitting the big screen this month in Bryn Mawr.
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along ravine road

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2015-07-21 12:24

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Bryn Mawr Hospital Ranked No. 9 In Pennsylvania

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2015-07-21 11:18
According to U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings the general medical and surgical hospital also ranks No. 5 in the Philly area.
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