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Montgomery County drug overdose taskforce recommends prevention through awareness

Main Line Times - Tue, 2015-03-10 09:59
NORRISTOWN >> “Give it away in there and you’ll have customers for life,” a drug dealer told an undercover county detective pointing at a school according to First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele.
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Update: Delco Medical Examiner issues ruling on Cayman Naib's death

Main Line Times - Tue, 2015-03-10 09:54
The death of 13-year-old Cayman Naib has been ruled a suicide by Delaware County Medical Examiner Dr. Fredric Hellman.
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Business authority hears construction phases planned for One Ardmore Place

Main Line Times - Tue, 2015-03-10 09:54
With a legal challenge dismissed, Dranoff Properties looks to begin site preparation for construction of its One Ardmore Place project on Ardmore’s Cricket Avenue Parking Lot in the next 30 to 60 days.
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Alarming Trend of Horse Hair Theft Reaches Pennsylvania

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2015-03-10 09:51
States out west have been dealing with horse hair theft for years. The alarming trend has recently reached Eastern Pennsylvania.
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The Daily Numbers for Tuesday, March 10

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2015-03-10 08:04
The Daily Numbers: 2 men sentenced to long jail terms in the brutal rape and ordeal of a Delco woman after she was carjacked outside an Upper Darby tavern.

1 suspect being sought in connection with heist at the H&R Block in Upper Chichester.

12,000 square feet of the former St. Kevin School in Springfield that will be leased to Crozer-Keystone Health System.

13, age of Shipley School eighth-grader Cayman Naib, who officials say took his own life.

17 people charged by the state attorney general with insurance fraud, including 1 woman from Darby.

2 Delco men who got probation in connection with a disturbance at a strip club in Spring City.

20,000 dollars raised for the Homes for Heroes to benefit homeless vets at a recent event in Ridley.

45, age of Padge Windslowe, the so-called ‘Black Madam’ and ‘Michelangelo’ of butt injections, who was convicted of 3rd degree murder after a women who underwent a procedure died.

20, age of woman who has been missing since Friday night when her car was found on Route 422 near the Schuylkill Expressway.

2 more state reps and a former official in Philly now expected to face corruption charges, which will be announced later today.

212 passengers on board Amtrak train that derailed after striking a truck at an intersection in North Carolina.

15 to 20 people taken to hospital for what are believed to be non-serious injuries.

47 U.S. senators who are warning Iran’s leadership that the deal being considered by the Obama Administration would not be enforceable.

6 year anniversary of the current bull market on Wall Street.

138.94 point gain for the Dow yesterday

26 million dollar deal for Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham to stay with the team.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Frank Gore apparently has changed his mind. It now looks like he’s not coming to Philly to replace Shady McCoy. So the Eagles are now without DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin. Interesting.

I Don’t Get It: Butt injections. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: 50-degree temperatures and daylight when you leave the office. Hello, spring!

Quote Box: “I don’t know that Christmas will ever feel the same after what happened.”

- Victim of Upper Darby carjacking and assault, at sentencing for two of her attackers.
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Reporting the death of Cayman Naib

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2015-03-10 07:19
There is no easy way to say this.

Or report it.

Cayman Naib took his own life. The 13-year-old eighth-grader at the Shipley School died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to the Delaware County Medical Examiner. It has been ruled a suicide.

On Monday, we played the story that Cayman's body had been found as our lead on Page One. We used a photo from a vigil that was held in his honor at the school Sunday night, along with a cut-in shot of Cayman's boyish face.

You will notice that the story of how Cayman died does not appear on Page One. It certainly could have, and I would be lying if I told you that I did not consider it.

We have a pretty simple policy when it comes to the extremely sensitive matter of suicide. Unless it involves a person whose role in the community is too big to ignore, in general if it does in private and does not affect the public, we do not run them in the paper.

I will tell you not everyone agrees with that rule. And some whose loved one's death does get reported are often perplexed as to why we did it.

In the case of Cayman Naib, hundreds of people had spent five days searching for him after he left his family's house in Newtown Wednesday night.

His body was found covered in snow near a creek that flows through the property.

It had become a very public story.

That is why we ran the story detailing the findings of the medical examiner and the ruling that it was indeed a suicide. It does not make it any easier.

Or sadder.

I often say there is something most unnatural about a parent burying a child. That's not the way it's supposed to work. I don't really know all the factors that were going on in Cayman Naib's life.

All I know is that he is gone.

He was 13 years old. In the eighth grade.

Some days I hate this job.
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The Battle of Concord

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2015-03-10 06:46
Call it the Battle of Concord.

There likely will be a full house - and lots of impassioned voices - tonight when Concord supervisors take up the contentious issue of the Vineyard Commons development.

It's not so much that this will mean another 160 homes in the fast-developing western end of the county.

It's the tract where the homes will sit. The Beaver Valley is one of the last, pristine bits of open space, a bit of paradise in between all that pavement. This development targets 230 acres of the 318-acre parcel.

Hundreds showed up last week when the township planning commission gave the development the green light and sent the matter to the Concord Board of Supervisors.

Another huge crowd is expected to be on tap tonight, forcing the meeting to be moved to the auditorum of Garnet Valley High School, on Smithbridge Road.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m., although the board will handle some routine business before it takes up the Vineyard Commons question. Developers also are expected to make a presentation tonight.

We'll have a full report.
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The Chip Kelly way: Will he be 'Gored' by reversal of fortune?

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2015-03-10 06:16
Here's a thought that should probe troubling to Eagles fans.

If Chip Kelly can't reel in Frank Gore, what makes you believe he's going to be able to swing a deal for Marcus Mariota.

In case you haven't heard, there might be a reversal of fortune when it comes to the 49ers running back who was to come here and fill the gaping void left by the departure of LeSean McCoy.

Initial reports indicated Gore, a perennial 1,000-yard workhouse who has not missed a game in ages, would sign with the Birds. But last night, in the flurry of rumors, social media and gossip that marks the approaching official start of free agent signings this afternoon, it was beginning to look like Gore was having a change of heart. He now might be snubbing the Birds in favor of joining Andrew Luck and the Colts, who also could use help at the running back position.

None of this will mean anything until 4 o'clock this afternoon, when the free agent signings can become official.

One thing is clear. Chip Kelly isn't used to taking no for an answer. He usually gets what he wants. He wanted a little more while being wooed by Jeff Lurie, Joe Banner and the Eagles a couple of years ago, initially rejecting their pursuit in favor of staying at Oregon. Kelly wanted more. And he got it.

He did not like DeSean Jackson's act. Jackson is no longer an Eagle, being unceremoniously cut without so much as a low draft pick in return. Jackson landed just down I-95 with the Redskins.

Kelly did not like the power-sharing in the Eagles organization, in particular the role of Howie Roseman, espcially after Roseman jettisoned Kelly's guy Tom Gamble. It certainly appears Lurie sided with his coach, demoting his longtime ally Roseman, and giving Kelly complete control over the roster and personnel decisions.

That came after the Eagles, who once sat at 9-3, imploded and failed to make the playoffs.

It's clear Kelly wants change. And he's getting it.

He stunned most observers by sending McCoy, who happens to be the Eagles all-time rusher, to the Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso. Jeremy Maclin was not given the franchise tag. He apparently wanted more than Kelly thought he was worth, and was allowed to go to Kansas City, where he will be reunited with Andy Reid.

It does appear Kelly has reeled in cornerback Byron Maxwell to fill one of the two opening in the Birds defensive backfield. He still needs another corner and a safety as well.

And it was thought Gore would share the running load with Chris Polk. Now apparently Gore is having second thoughts.

The Eagles did announce yesterday that they had re-signed linebacker Brandon Graham.

Of course, that word did not come from Kelly.

He does not like to talk to the press, or seemingly anyone else.

But the time is coming when Kelly will have to explain this odd series of offseason moves.

He certainly is getting things his way.

Whether that will mean a better team or not remains to be seen.
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Missing Teen's Cause of Death Released

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2015-03-09 17:46
Cayman Naib’s body was found Sunday, March 8, in Darby Creek, only a few hundred yards from his family’s Newtown Square home.
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Lower Merion BOC OKs demolition for 2 Class 1 Cricket Avenue buildings

Main Line Times - Mon, 2015-03-09 13:43
Moving through a full committee agenda March 4, Lower Merion commissioners took action on a variety of matters, from demolition of two historic structures in Ardmore, to a plan to deal with some trash collections in winter weather, to a grant opportunity that could give a big boost to renovations at the Gladwyne Library.
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Lower Merion to Conduct Impaired Driving Checkpoints

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2015-03-09 13:34
There will be impaired driving checkpoints combined with roving patrols, police said.
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Community Celebrates Cayman's Life

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2015-03-09 13:03
People have been putting blue ribbons on mailboxes and trees to honor the memory of the Main Line teen, whose body was found Sunday.
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life and loss

Chester County Ramblings - Mon, 2015-03-09 13:02

Friends who were at the vigil last evening at Shipley in Bryn Mawr for Cayman Naib shared the above photo with me. I don’t know about all of you who read my blog, but I bet there are a lot of us who woke up today once again thinking about the Naib family. They have experienced an unspeakable tragedy. Just like (but for different reasons) the Hannagan family of Downingtown did on Valentine’s Day.

It is completely unfathomable to me of how anyone would feel after losing a child. I almost feel guilty for expressing condolences to these families because I don’t know them, and I didn’t know the children. But these crazy things that throw curveballs in life can happen to anyone, can’t they? Unless you were born with a heart made of stone how can you not feel empathy and sympathy for these people? How can your heart not break in some small way for them?

I remember growing up,  a student back then at Shipley, when fate took the lives of two young women I knew. They were not classmates of mine but they were schoolmates of mine, and one in particular was a fairly good friend at the time.  In the case of both of these girls from many years ago, they both died because of automobile accidents for lack of a better description – one was in an accident and one was hit by a car while running. But it left a huge hole in our school community at the time for some of us, along with what it did to their families.

As a freshman in college, one of my classmates, committed suicide the night before parents weekend was supposed to begin.  He jumped out of a window in a floor above mine in the dorm where I lived. I remember waking up to sirens and flashing emergency lights. He had been a really nice guy, and although not a close friend,  ironically  it ended up he was a cousin of some sort of a girl I knew from high school. I still to this day remember clear as a bell snippets of the memorial service held by students on campus for him. Someone played Follow You, Follow Me by Genesis on a stereo and the music wafted all around us.

There are particular parts to the lyrics that I can still hear in my head when I think of this:

I will follow you will you follow me
All the days and nights that we know will be
I will stay with you will you stay with me
Just one single tear in each passing year
With the dark,
I see so very clearly now
All my fears are drifting by me so slowly now
Fading away
I can say
The night is long but you are there
Close at hand I’m better for the smile you give
And while I live
 I will follow you will you follow me


I think we are all ever mindful of how fragile life is. And how like it or not everything can change in an instant.

Cayman’s death was ruled a suicide a short time ago.  Depression hits all ages .

But we can’t stop living can we? We can’t live wrapped and safe in cotton batting locked away from the world. The  thing is this however: when tragedy befalls a young person it is so much more magnified in it’s awfulness for lack of a better description. I can’t even imagine what it’s like directly for the families involved. Selfishly, I don’t want to imagine that.

When things happen to children we all can’t help but be affected, especially if we are parents in any form. Whether natural parents or stepparents or adoptive parents, it affects us. It didn’t happen to any of us, but we know but for simple twist of fate anything can happen.

But I guess the important thing is how we deal with loss. I’m not talking about those people personally grieving who are experiencing  it in the first person and have to work through it, I’m  speaking of the rest of us.

We can’t let tragedy and sadness swallow us whole, we have to pay it forward. As parents we have a very special obligation and a simple one: to love and teach our children well. We want the best for them but I think what  happened in the past few days makes us mindful once again of how we have to pay attention without smothering.

We were all kids ourselves, once, but it was a long time ago. Times have changed, life has changed the world is very different. It behooves us all to ensure that our children can talk to us no matter what.  Being an adolescent is the best of times and worst of times quite literally.

But the thing is this: with girls we often have a better idea of what is going on because they are just more verbal and more communicative. Boys for the most part, weather in whole or in part, are still waters run deep. And the reason for that I believe is because historically and societally men and boys are raised to be stoic and not show emotion and be strong. We have to let our boys know that it is not a weakness to talk to someone about what is going on or talk  if they are upset.

I have a teenage boy. Trust me, I know there are days he wishes I would just be quiet and not talk so much and not ask so many questions, just like there are days I wish I didn’t have to pry things out of him. I am working on the abbreviated version of conversations with a teen boy as in fewer sentences, but I am work in progress. But after this weekend, I am mindful of how, whether he wants it or not or might be embarrassed or not,  I need to tell him more often how much he means to me.

Love is a very powerful emotion and we do need to tell those in our world of any age how we feel about them. It sounds like a dorky Hallmark card, but life is a precious gift. We need to celebrate it and appreciate it while we have it. The importance of being together and not allowing people we care about to feel all alone, also can’t be overlooked.

Love and loss or part of the cycle of life. And both can cause enormous heart ache. But when the dust has settled , we always need to be mindful of the gifts we have. Live and be the best human beings possible is one of the best ways to celebrate any life lost for whatever reason.

Hug your kids, people. Hug your loved ones. Talk to them. Call the ones farther away to see how they are doing. Appreciate the life we have. It’s not always perfect, it’s a work in progress, but it is so much better than the alternative.

Say a prayer for young boy who was named Cayman and his family, the Hannagan family of Downingtown…and whomever else you think might need a little of what my grandmother referred to as “Irish insurance”.

Teen suicide is an ugly reality. This is a mental health issue . That is the conversation we should be having in public and taking away the stigma – as adults we should be helping kids through difficult times safely. The pressure on kids today can be enormous. Let’s not make this about finger pointing because the average person is not equipped to recognize the signs of teenage depression.  That is not a negative statement, either.

Depression manifests differently in kids versus adults and I have been told this by a friend who is a mental health social worker in another state. Teen suicide is ugly. It’s not something that teens or adults want to think about.  It’s unpleasant and difficult. But it does happen. Teen suicide is very real, and is preventable.

We as human beings must advocate for taking the issues of teen depression and suicide out of the shadows and  into the light.  It is time to remove the stigma attached to depression and related mental health issues.  We’re all human beings, after all. And I think if we learned anything about what happened here to this sweet boy Cayman Naib, it is that we all have a lot to learn.

Parents  need to be  honest and admit  at times it can be a struggle when communicating with the teenagers in our homes.Togetherness as a family that is positive opens many doors, and face it, what is one of the hardest parts of raising teenagers? Communication. And communication isn’t social media like Facebook and Twitter, e-mails, chat programs, it’s a real conversation. Sitting down and talking even if it is light dinner conversation. Real and tangible contact and human interaction is so important with regard to interpersonal relationships at any age.

As my friend Liza says love, only love. Without love,  life is very gray.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling stream of consciousness today and for stopping by.

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$$403K Wiltshire Road Home Recently Sold in Wynnewood

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2015-03-09 10:54
Find other recently sold homes nearby from our partners at Zillow.
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Business authority hears construction phases planned for One Ardmore Place

Main Line Times - Mon, 2015-03-09 10:17
With a legal challenge dismissed, Dranoff Properties looks to begin site preparation for construction of its One Ardmore Place project on Ardmore’s Cricket Avenue Parking Lot in the next 30 to 60 days.
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Joe Sestak details concerns of seniors in Haverford

Main Line Times - Mon, 2015-03-09 09:58
HAVERFORD >> Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Joe Sestak spoke of trust Sunday afternoon with a generation that truly understands the meaning of the word.
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The Daily Numbers for Monday, March 9

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2015-03-09 08:13
The Daily Numbers: 13, age of Cayman Naib, whose body was found Sunday under the snow near a creek behind his family’s Newtown Square home.

5 days, how long family and hundreds of searchers had been looking for Naib, who went missing Wednesday night.

160 homes on 230 acres of the Beaver Valley, what is at stake in the Vineyard Commons development that will be voted on by Concord supervisors Tuesday night.

422 miles, how far Joe Sestak will walk across Pa. as he kicks off his campaign for Dem nomination to face U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey.

250,000 people who attended this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show.

10 percent increase over last years crowds.

2 more days until Kathleen Kane heads into court to state her case against a special prosecutor.

50 years since Selma, marked by a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge Sunday and a march today.

20,000 people who gathered at the site to mark the anniversary of the event that led to passage of the Voting Rights Act.

22, age of woman struck and killed in Newark, Del.

21, age of man who now faces charges in the hit-run DUI death.

1 Del. trooper injured in confrontation with suspect in Claymont, Del.

35, age of the robbery suspect, who was shot and killed by another trooper.

85 catches for Jeremy Maclin last year for the Eagles. He is ready to sign free agent deal with Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

3 deals for the Eagles. QB Mark Sanchez will be back, and new faces running back Frank Gore and cornerback Byron Maxwell will be in the Eagles’ fold.

50 million dollars, how much Chip Kelly has to spend in free agent market.

5-2 loss for the Flyers to the Devils Sunday. Don’t look for this team to make the playoffs.

3 scoreless inning thrown by Phillies starter Kevin Slowey in Grapefruit League action.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Chip Kelly is not exactly standing pat. Maybe his two best offensive weapons, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin, both are shipping out. Frank Gore is coming in, as is cornerback Byron Maxwell from the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. But who will be the QB? Good question.

I Don’t Get It: Right now the Eagles do not have a No. 1 wide receiver. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to all those who spent their weekend searching for missing teen Cayman Naib in Newtown Square. Tragically, his body was found not far from his home.

Quote Box
: “I have met with the family and needless to say thty eare distraught and wanted their privacy.”

- Delco D.A. Jack Whelan, after learning the body of Cayman Naib had been found.
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A sad ending for Cayman Naib

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2015-03-09 07:35
It is the gnawing, stabbing pain I get in my gut every time I deal with this kind of story.

I will never get used to it. Or at least I hope I don't.

There is nothing more unnatural that a parent burying a child.

That is now the fate of the parents of Cayman Naib. The 13-year-old from Newtown Square had been missing since last Wednesday night. These stories all too often do not end well. I had the very same feeling about this one, once again hoping I would be wrong, fearing that I was not.

The worst kind of news was confirmed Sunday night. After five days of searching, Cayman Naib's body was found covered in snow in a shallow portion of a creek behind his family's Newtown Square home.

Over the weekend hundreds had responded to the family's call to join in a search for the eighth-grader.

That is the part that grabs me. Not the fact that the community rallied around a family in need. We see that happen all the time. It is the best part of our nature. After the discovery of Naib's body, hundreds gathered again last night for a vigil in his honor at Shipley School, where he attended classes.

The part that stuck with me is that Cayman Naib was in eighth grade.

I was a bit puzzled by the different pictures of him released by by the family. In a couple he really did look like a teeanger. But in several he looked very much like what he was, a very young kid. An eighth-grader.

A lot of people no doubt will wonder what happened in this case. We'll likely get more details later today, when an autopsy is completed.

It won't make any difference.

Caymay Naib is gone. And he was in eighth grade.

It's just so damn sad.
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A wild weekend for Chip Kelly and the Eagles

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2015-03-09 07:02
LeSean McCoy is gone. If you didn't already know that, the news that he has reached a deal with the Bills on a new $40 million contract is proof that he is being jettisoned by Chip Kelly, who will make that deal official later this week.

Kelly had an interesting weekend.

It looks like the Birds will move on from Jeremy Maclin at wide receiver. The Eagles' best wideout is ready to sign a deal to be reunited with Andy Reid in Kansas City.

But it wasn't all exits.

Kelly has a replacement lined up for McCoy. That would be sturdy San Francisco running back Frank Gore.

And a familiar face will return at quarterback. No, not necessarily Nick Foles. Kelly instead is re-signing Mark Sanchez.

Now holding all the power over personnel moves, Kelly also moved to fill the void in his defensive secondary, agreeing to a deal with Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell.

The moves have a lot of people shaking their heads this morning, wondering exactly what Kelly's plan is, and if the new coach is actually in over his head.

Of course, Kelly does not deign to actually speak to anyone about his moves.

Bob Grotz reviews the weekend here.

The Maclin move seems curious, leaving the Eagles without a legitimate No. 1 receiver. And it was clear he wanted to stay in Philly.

Then there is the entire Marcus Mariota spectacle. The talk now is that Kelly will look to package Foles and a boatload of picks in an attempt to move up in the draft and get the Oregon QB that Kelly clearly covets. Sanchez would make the perfect tutor, much more in the mold of the kind of QB Kelly wants to run his system.
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Your morning roads report: Watch for icy spots

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2015-03-09 05:33
I'm not usually one to issue warnings and have often used this space to mock the hype that accompanies so much of the weather reporting we get on TV.

This morning I'm making an exception, based on my early-morning commute into the office.

Again, I will tell you that the best thing about driving at the insane hour I do is that I pretty much have the roads to myself. That has its advantages.

For starters, I can swerve all over the road to avoid the potholes that are literally everywhere on the region's roads.

Second, and most importantly this morning: All that sunshine and milder temperatures that caused that huge melt-off yesterday afternoon has basically refrozen this morning.

Anywhere that saw water standing on the roads or running across the road is now solid ice.

If you hit one of these patches on a curve, or as you approach a stop sign, you could have some issues.

Keep an eye out for these slick sections.

The good news is that we're expecting temperatures to zoom into the 50s this afternoon.

Maybe winter really is over. Just in time for that extra hour of daylight that arrived this weekend with the return of Daylight Savings Time.

Here's the full forecast from AccuWeather.
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