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...In 2007, a mother of two children, Bella age 3 and Andre’ 1, Amanda who now lives in Philadelphia, opened a direct market wholesale seafood distributor named Otolith. Its name is an affectionate reminder of her intimate fish biology knowledge and her husband’s long connection in the seafood industry often keeping them apart for 5 months or more at a time while they focus on financial and environmental goals which reflect both their independence and focus on their community wherever they call home.

Otolith is a company where customers can ask hard questions about mercury, PCB’s stock assessment levels, harvest techniques and more. Her latest accomplishment at Otolith has been the formation of a Community Supported Seafood [CSS] Program that allows consumers wholesale price access to the finest fish available while utilizing farmers’ markets and other cooperative relationships to make CSS delivery convenient for everyone.

The CSS 2009 Fall Harvest is open now until October 12th, 2009. It guarantees approx. 15lbs of sushi grade assorted halibut, rockfish and cod at 5lbs. each delivery per month for Nov. [2 deliveries] and Dec. [before holidays]. Details at; click CSS.

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